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Massive SMR Technique Update Underway!

If you notice some of our instructions are from this year and some seem a bit, well, older…. then you are correct!

We are transitioning from old material to new instructions, pics, and videos to reflect advances made in products, techniques, and language used to instruct you in the best manner possible to give you the best results possible. We expect to wrap up our updates in the coming weeks. You should see something new every few days so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts (so we keep the improvements coming). Good luck with your self-care efforts!

“The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing”
~~ Hippocrates, 460 BC

What is SMR?

    SMR stands for Self-Myofascial Release.

      Self-myofascial release can be likened to self massage. Our muscles tighten up from a variety of causes, but there are 3 common ones that you can influence:

      1. Trauma
      2. Overuse
      3. Dehydration

      The three of these work against functional movement by locking the muscles attached to a joint or causing heavily worked muscles to stick to the nearby muscles and tissues. (can you say “tight IT bands”)

    Click here for a printable download of the 3 primary SMR exercises and strategies for using the primary, secondary and extended movements.

Click the links below to find out more on what to do, what to use, and when to do it in order to regain or maintain full-range functional movement.

    SMR for the CrossFit Named WODs
    (Click above for downloadable printouts of pre- and post-WOD prescribed SMR)

SMR Movements/Exercises
(Click above for downloadable printouts and instructional video clips of the SMR movements)

SMR Manuals  
(Click above to check out our SMR manuals for the Coaches Clinic or the Hip Mini-Clinic or Shoulder Mini-Clinic)

SMR Products 
(Click above to get the tools you need to work out those tight muscles)

Coach’s Section 
(Click above to get the anatomy and SMR strategy references you need to program SMR for yourself or your clients)

Find a Therapist
(Click above to get professional help to break through those nagging soft tissue issues that keep you from reaching your full potential)

**All information is provided for educational purposes only. You should consult your doctor before attempting any exercises you read on this page or any page on this website.**